TELUS 5G Trials Achieve Wireless Speeds of 29.3 Gbps

TELUS has announced this morning its 5G wireless trials with partner Huawei, were able to hit some insane wireless speeds of 29.3 Gbps in Vancouver, at the latter’s 5G Living Lab.

Next generation 5G wireless networks are not expected to go mainstream until 2020, but TELUS says customers in the Vancouver area will get early access first.

Eros Spadotto, TELUS’ Executive Vice President of Technology Strategy. “We’re still in the early days of determining what the deployment of 5G will look like, but what we do know is that it will be a quantum leap forward in wireless technology and the foundation of future innovations.”

The company also announced one 4G LTE wireless site in Vancouver has been updated to LTE-Advanced Pro, which allows speeds up to 1Gbps, ten times faster than existing LTE-Advanced. In the coming weeks, five more sites will be upgraded and customers will be able to use these networks “as early as next year”, as more compatible devices are available.

Earlier this year, Bell and Nokia also completed their trials of 5G wireless networks.

When 5G wireless networks come and hardware supports it, say good-bye to your data plans, folks.