TELUS Launches Boost Wi-Fi System to Expand Home Wi-Fi

TELUS has announced Boost Wi-Fi, a solution to extend in-home Wi-Fi signals, priced at $120 for TELUS Internet customers.

Two hardware units act as “boosters” to extend Wi-Fi to all areas of your home for a more reliable Internet connection. Boost Wi-Fi can support up to five units to relay signals to hard to reach places in the home, like basements.

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“We are constantly driven to improve our customers’ online experience and TELUS Boost Wi-Fi helps to address one of the most common issues with home Wi-Fi,” said Blair Miller, Vice President, Consumer Products and Content at TELUS, in a press release. “TELUS Boost Wi-Fi helps to ensure streaming video and music aren’t interrupted, video calls aren’t dropped and everyone can stay connected, no matter where they are in the home.”

TELUS says Boost Wi-Fi was designed in-house “in response to our customers’ demand for increased coverage in the home.” The Boost Wi-Fi setup also uses Smart Wi-Fi tech to optimize performance for all devices in the home, while being designed in-house means it works with all existing Wi-Fi routers.

Users can setup and manage their Boost Wi-Fi setup via the TELUS My Wi-Fi iOS app, which also includes parental controls to pause Wi-Fi.

The TELUS Boost Wi-Fi Starter Park is available with two boosters for $120 (regular price $240) for a limited time, for TELUS customers in BC and Alberta. Expansion packs are priced at $120 each.

Earlier this year, Bell launched a similar system called Whole Home Wi-Fi, based on Plume pods.