Telus ‘Bring-It-Back’ Smartphone Affordability Program to Launch September

Telus wants to make it easier for existing customers to upgrade to the latest smartphones, as it plans to launch a new affordability program called Bring-It Back, according to documents seen by iPhone in Canada.

According to the company, Bring-It-Back will allow Telus customers to upgrade to the latest high-tier smartphones at a lower upfront cost.

The program means customers will get an instant subsidy upfront, if they return their new device at the end of their contract in good working condition (or keep it if they pay back the Bring-It-Back amount).

Bring-It-Back will be available across Canada for the following in-market plans:

  • Premium
  • Premium+
  • Platinum (Quebec)
  • 2-year Small Business plans for business accounts (3-year business, corporate, CIL and EPP plans excluded) on various smartphones

Telus provides an example of how the Bring-It-Back program will save a customer money on their upfront cost of the latest smartphone:

  • A regular contract would see a customer pay $400 plus tax (13% scenario) on the latest smartphone ($452).
  • But with Bring-It-Back, the customer would receive a $200 amount (loan) after taxes, reducing the upfront cost to $252.
  • After a customer’s two-year term is complete, they either return their device or pay back the $200 amount and keep their phone.

The program almost reminds us of the previous early upgrade program called T-UP!, which was discontinued back in 2016. But this Bring-It-Back program just appears to be a loan you need to pay back, or basically, give your phone to Telus after two years if you don’t want to repay it. But after two years, most smartphones nowadays are surely worth more than $200, so it would be better off to repay the amount to Telus.