Telus Ranked ‘Canada’s Most Respected’ Mobile Service Provider, Yet Again

Telus has been ranked first as the Most Respected Mobile Service Provider in Canada, based on the highest Respect Score tabulated in a national survey conducted among 3,694 randomly selected Canadians during February 2022.

Telus logo

The respondents of the survey were all members of the Maru/Blue Online panel. The results have been weighted by education, age, gender, and region to match the population according to the most recent census data so that the sample is representative of the entire adult population of Canada.

Those respondents who choose the scale entry that they have “Never heard of them” are subsequently removed from the data analysis. The data is then rebased to include only respondents who are aware of the entity evaluated.

The Respect Score is then created by giving 100 points for those who choose “Very Much”, 70 points for “Somewhat”, 30 points for “Not Very Much”, and 0 points for “Not At All”. A mean score is determined using these values, ultimately giving a value between 0 to 100 for each entity.

The scoring produces a ranked order with the top entity being the  “Most Respected” and, depending on the closeness of the results, up to four others immediately adjacent that may be named as “One of Canada’s Most Respected”.

Telus ranked far above its competitors Rogers and Bell, with the latter two below the ‘Respect Score Average’.

In second place was Telus subsidiary Koodo with a ‘Respect Score’ of 57, followed by Fido (55.5), Videotron (55.3), Virgin Mobile (54.9), Freedom Mobile (53.1) and Shaw Mobile (52.9). Below the ‘Respect Score Average’ was Public Mobile (51.3), Eastlink (50.8), Rogers Wireless (50.5), Chatr Mobile (49.2), Lucky Mobile (48.4), Zoomer Wireless (47.2), Bell Mobility (47.1) and SimplyConnect (43.8).

Telus was ranked the Most Respected Mobile Service Provider in Canada in 2021 as well.