Telus Launches Travel Tracker Web Portal to Manage Data While Roaming [u]

Telus today has launched Travel Tracker, a free web portal to allow travellers to manage their data usage from their smartphone.

Travel Tracker is a free web portal accessible via the smartphone’s web browser to help TELUS customers manage their data usage and costs in real-time while travelling to the United States or internationally, simply by visiting on any TELUS 4G device.

If you travel outside of Canada, Telus will send you a free text informing you of voice, SMS and data rates in that country—but now a link will be included to the Travel Tracker web portal.

Customers will additionally receive a separate text to notify them when their device begins to use data while roaming, plus a summary text of data charges when they return home to Canada.

Telus explains this Travel Tracker should help eliminate ‘bill shock’ but also allows customers to:

  • purchase travel passes right from their smartphone at cheaper rates than pay-per-use
  • Unblock their data service when they’re blocked at high thresholds of usage.
  • Get helpful roaming information and tips

The Travel Tracker won’t work if you’re connected to WiFi in Canada or to Business customers if you are trying to visit it now:

Screenshot 2013 12 12 10 02 46

Of course, Canadians with unlocked iPhones or other smartphones do have the option of purchasing local SIM cards or by using cheaper services such as Roam Mobility.

Let us know if you’re going to try the Telus Travel Tracker when you’re roaming outside of Canada.

Update 12/13/13: here are some Travel Tracker screenshots TELUS emailed us:

telus travel tracker2

 telus travel tracker