Telus EPP Offers $68/20GB Plan with Apple’s iPhone 11 for $11/month

Telus epp iphone 11 august 2020

Image via RFD

If your employer offers an employee purchase program (EPP) from Telus, you may want to check to see the latest deals, which includes discounted iPhones from Apple right now, such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE.

According to RFD, you can currently get a 20GB Peace of Mind ‘unlimited’ data plan for $68 per month (normally $85/month), while an iPhone 11 64GB on Telus Bring-it-Back is $11/month on a two-year term. You’ll be paying $79/month for a 20GB plan with an iPhone 11.

With Bring-it-Back, it’s like leasing a smartphone. After 24 months, you can choose to return the iPhone 11 or pay $190 to keep the phone. The math works out to $454 for the iPhone 11 after two years if you opt to buy it out at the end.

Apple currently sells the iPhone 11 for $979, so you’re technically saving $525 after two years. But of course, new iPhone 12 models are slated to arrive this fall. But if you don’t need the latest iPhone, this might be worth considering if you’re keen on signing a contract for 24 months.