TELUS Launches 4G LTE Network in St. John’s

TELUS has announced the official launch of their 4G LTE network in St. John’s, part of their $8.4 million investment in Atlantic Canada over the next three years. More communities in the area are expected to get LTE by the end of 2012 as well:

“TELUS is committed to offering the best customer experience and launching our 4G LTE service in St. John’s is an excellent example of how we’re doing that,” said Ken Power, director of sales, TELUS.


We are continuing to expand this new technology, community by community, so that by the end of the year many more Atlantic Canada residents are expected to have access. It’s an ambitious undertaking.”

Below is the TELUS 4G LTE coverage map for St. John’s (note it hasn’t been updated yet for the current coverage area):


If you’re in St. John’s, let us know how those LTE speeds are!