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TELUS My Account Updated to Let You Block Data for Free for the Month

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Telus has updated their My Account iPhone app to now allow customers to block their data for the month—for free.

Normally, Telus offers a $2 Data Block feature which blocks all data except for picture and video messages, available through their self-serve portal on the company’s website.

But now, within the Telus My Account iPhone app, a $0 Data Block option is available, the company explains. Here’s how to enable it in the app:

Plans/Travel > Data & Add-ons > Data Top-ups and Add-ons > Data

Telus my account iphone

Blocking data is handy if you’re traveling outside of Canada and worried your kids will incur data overages from Smurf berry in-app purchases, surfing the Facebooks and more.

Click here to download TELUS My Account in the App Store.

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