Telus ‘Winback’ Promo Offers $50/30GB Plan to Some Former Customers

Telus is apparently offering a new $50/30GB ‘winback’ plan to some former customers, in an attempt to bring them back to the company.

According to RFD user ‘gabe17’, the user left Telus for Bell in early 2021. They then called the Telus ‘winback’ number (1-866-379-1963) to ask for the ongoing $45/25GB plan, but was then offered the $50/30GB “immediately”, with the regular $50 connection fee waived.

This $50/30GB plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and text, and other typical extras such as call display, voicemail, etc.

Many RFD users in this other Telus ‘winback’ thread noted receiving the $50/30GB promo plan as far back as Black Friday. Telus also offered some bill credits as well, but ‘your mileage may vary’.

If you were formerly with Telus, you may want to try your luck in getting this special plan, if you want to return to the company.