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Unadvertised $54/mo Koodo Plan: 100 LD Minutes, 5PM Evenings, 2GB Data

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If you’re a Koodo customer you might want to jump on the following unadvertised plan, as noted in the RedFlagDeals forums:

100 nationwide daytime minutes
Unlimited evenings and 5pm weekends
Unlimited texting
Caller display
2GB Data

$54 – 10% for bringing my own device = $48.60/mo

For $48.60/month for unlocked iPhone users not looking for heavy data usage, it’s a relatively decent plan for those not in Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Quebec.

Essentially this offer is matching Virgin Mobile’s $29/month base plan (or $34 on Gold or Medium Tab with Koodo) and throwing on a 2GB data option for $25.

Also as noted in the forum thread, Koodo has a limited time 5GB Canada-wide data plan for $94/month which includes unlimited everything.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

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