WIND Mobile $35 Back-to-School Promo Coming with Unlimited Talk, Text, Data

With September just around the corner, WIND Mobile is preparing to launch new Back to School promos, according to details within an internal memo, reports MobileSyrup.

The Back-to-School WIND $35 Offer will include the following:

  • Canada-wide unlimited outgoing/incoming calls, WIND-to-WIND calls
  • US long distance: $0.15/min for Pay Before (prepaid), $0.05 for Pay After (monthly)
  • Unlimited Canada/USA SMS/MMS for monthly users; prepaid pays $0.05 for US texts; International text: prepaid users get unlimited; monthly users cost $0.25/text
  • Unlimited data (fair usage policy applies)
  • Caller ID, missed call alerts, conference calling, call forward, call waiting
  • World Saver: included for monthly users; prepaid users $8/month
  • Voicemail+: included for monthly users; prepaid users $8/month
Monthly users also get up to $150 WINDtab credit, while prepaid users can get $7.50/month BYOD credit, while all existing add-ons will be compatible with this plan.
Last year, WIND Mobile’s back to school promo was $33 per month, but didn’t include voicemail or Canadian long distance.

This plan is set to launch on August 21—which also is when WIND Mobile’s new reduced Canadian and USA roaming rates will also go live.

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  • Alborz

    Don’t fall for this scam! the shittiest provider I have used my entire life! that map they show on their website is complete BS.
    unlimited internet? try getting any internet if you can. at metro town/vancouver downtown/coquitlam where i have full bars, it takes 20 seconds to load the google results page.
    anywhere else at work in burnaby/ at home near metro town or just walking around, if i’m lucky I’ll get 3-4 bars and only the ability to text and talk. no internet whatsoever.
    and when you’re driving/on the bus/train? forget about everything! you’re lucky if you get 2 bars to get SMS. on one bar and no service (which is most of the time) you can’t do anything. no calls. not even SMS.

  • Alborz

    go here to see what other people using wind have to say:

  • Toronto Lane

    I’m in Toronto and I’m very happy with wind.

  • Fireeast

    You get what you pay for, simple as that. I have 3 friends that use wind in Calgary with no problems. Yes it takes a few seconds longer to load a page, but to pay 1/4 the price of the big three and not have limits on anything, makes it a now brainer. I will be moving to wind next year.

  • Alborz

    I use fido now. I pay 41 dollars a months, 500MB of usable internet and 500 minutes of talk.
    maybe in toronto and calgary the price can be justified since the other 3 or shoving it. but here in vancouver it’s a more competitive space and Wind can by no means be justified with their crappy coverage.

  • wuju

    Anyone using Wind in Newmarket area? How’s the coverage for talk, text and internet speed, etc. Thanks.

  • Peter

    But where in Toronto?

  • Toronto Lane

    Richmond hill. Suburbs. Not even the downtown core