Bell/Virgin Confirm iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot for iPhone Users

Canadians are now complete. All of our iPhone carriers have confirmed they will support the Personal Hotspot feature coming next week in iOS 4.3. First it was Rogers/Fido, then Telus, and now Bell/Virgin. It’s true–our telecom giants do like to make moves in unison. Our friends at MobileSyrup received confirmation from Bell: “Yes, we will.. […]

Telus Confirms iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot

Yesterday Rogers confirmed that they would support the Personal Hotspot feature coming in iOS 4.3. Today, Telus has done the same via twitter via a conversation with user @nickfruhling: @TELUSsupport Good morning, wondering if Telus will support iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot feature when it comes to iPhones next Friday. Thanks! @TELUSsupport replied: @nickfruhling Hi, Anthony […]

Bell Announces 4G Network Rebranding

Following the announcement of Telus launching a 4G network in March, Bell has now done the same. The Bell announcement was expected since both Telus and Bell shared the cost to build their wireless network. According to an internal Bell posting, the company states that this “re-classification allows Bell to promote the HSPA network as […]

Apple Hints At Cheaper, Prepaid iPhone

If rumors and hints are to be believed, Apple may be releasing a lower cost, prepaid iPhone. During an interview with Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, Apple COO Tim Cook seemed to suggest that we may see a lower cost iPhone in the near future. Apple is reportedly doing “clever things” to attack the prepaid market, […]

Rogers iPhone 4 Accessory Sale: Three Accessories, $20

Looks like the following is actually a decent deal from Rogers. There is currently an iPhone 4 accessories sale, which includes the following: Plantronics Explorer 210 Bluetooth Headset – $12.00 Griffin Screen Care Kit – $5.00 Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case – $8.00 Or, you can get all three for $20. Not bad, considering the […]

Best Buy Free Phone Friday: Telus iPhone 3GS!

This week, Virgin Mobile was offering the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49.99 after a $50 bill credit on a 3-year smartphone plan. If you’re looking for a better deal, it looks like this Friday, Best Buy, as part of their “Free Phone Friday” promotion, will have the Telus 8GB iPhone 3GS for free on a […]

Virgin Mobile Reduces iPhone Data Add-Ons By $5

Starting today, Virgin Mobile has reduced all of their data add-ons by $5.00 per month. This is huge news for prospective and current Virgin Mobile customers. Check out the changes below: $30 Smartphone Data – 500MB Was: $30 Now: $25 SOC Code: V20355N2 $55 Smartphone Data – 3GB Was: $55 Now: $50 SOC Code: V20358N2 […]

Have You Experienced Rogers 3G Network Downtime Today?

When I woke up this morning, I noticed I didn’t have any signal on my iPhone 4. All I got was the “Searching…” image. I reset my phone, and nothing happened. I turned off 3G, same deal. Everything appears to be working now in Vancouver, but the system wide downtime during the busiest time of […]

Acanac, Teksavvy to Match Donations If $15K Raised in 48 Hours

We covered the UBB (usage based billing) debate until the Federal government overturned the CRTC’s decision. We also heard TekSaavy bust some UBB myths. has been the fighting force that has united Canadians, and a new campaign is underway to have our voices heard against the PR machines of big Canadian telcos. Acanac and […]

Virgin Mobile Offers $50 Credit On iPhone 3GS Activations

For those in the market for an iPhone 3GS, or if you STILL cannot find an iPhone 4, Virgin Mobile is offering a $50 bill credit on all new 8GB iPhone 3GS activations, making the device cost $49.00 on a 3-year term. $50 Bill Credit To qualify for the credit, the following requirements must be […]

Virgin Mobile Launches New $45 Unlimited Plan

This week, to compete with Fido’s new $35 Unlimited Plan, Virgin Mobile has released a new unlimited calling plan that is available on a 3-year contract for an iPhone. The plan is available to new and existing customers. With the plan and a minimum $25 data plan on a 3-year contract, customers receive promotional pricing […]