Public Mobile Offers Customers $50/5GB Plan–If They Switch to Koodo

Telus-owned Public Mobile recently increased the price of their LTE plans while debuting slower and cheaper 3G plans. But now in an interesting move, the company looks to be trying to move customers away from their popular $40/4GB province-wide calling plan.

iPhone in Canada reader Xiaohan received the following text message this morning from Public Mobile, which entices with a $50/5GB Canada-wide calling plan—if he agrees to switch to Koodo and use the following promo code by September 4:

Public Mobile here with an exclusive offer for you. For an additional $10/month, upgrade to unlimited nation-wide minutes and get another 1GB of data at Koodo! That means you can get 5GB and unlimited nation-wide minutes for only $50/month on a Koodo monthly bill. Plus, you may be eligible for a $0 smartphone on Tab! Offer valid for XXX-XXX-XXXX only. Offer ends September 4, 2017. Visit your nearest Koodo location at MASTER COM. INC. and show promo code KOODO505GB. You’re included on the list for Public Mobile offers and deals. To be excluded, reply unsubscribe. Conditions apply.

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Public Mobile sent a follow up text to say “Public Mobile here again. To find your nearest Koodo location, please visit:,” so it appears the original text which mentioned “MASTER COM INC.” was some sort of typo.

This appears to be a targeted offer to those on the company’s $40/4GB ($38/mo after AutoPay) plan, by getting them to pay more to switch to Koodo.

Anyone get this text? Are you going to ditch Public Mobile to switch to Koodo?