InvisibleShield iPhone Full Body Shield GIVEAWAY!

Good morning to all the fine folks out there on this early Sunday morning! It’s hard to believe the weekend is almost over, but not before another iPhone in Canada Podcast via TalkShoe. Tonight’s show is going to be extra special because it’s being sponsored by the InvisibleShield. If you’ve never heard of the InvisibleShield, […]

Case-Mate Privacy Screen Pro Review–CONTEST!!!

A while back I posted that I would be receiving some samples from Case-Mate. Well, those samples came today via FedEx! Today’s iPhone accessory review will be focused on the Case-Mate Privacy Screen Pro. This is a universal privacy screen protector to keep what you’re looking at from prying eyes (we all know that people […]

Listen/Download the First Ever iPhone in Canada Podcast!

In case you were sleeping in a cave, or just enebriated beyond belief this weekend, you might have missed out on the first ever iPhone in Canada Podcast, hosted by TalkShoe. To summarize the podcast, it went really well and we talked about a wide variety of topics! Yours truly answered a few questions about […]

Winner of the PDO Reviso Leather iPhone Case!

A big thanks to those who entered my PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case contest! The only way to enter was by registering and posting in the new iPhone in Canada forums! You can read the review of the case here. Drumroll please (don’t worry, not a Rick Roll this time)…the winner is…none other than […]

The Ultimate iPhone Poem!

When I read this, I laughed and just had to post it here for everyone to read. It’s iPhone in Canada Forum user Ozzie’s contest entry my PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case Contest! (read the review here) How to enter the contest? It’s super easy! Register for forums, then head over and enter in […]

BodyGuardz Full Body iPhone Case Review

**If you haven’t registered in the iPhone in Canada Forums yet, register now! I am giving away a FREE PDO Reviso Premium Leather iPhone Case! You can only enter by joining and posting in the forums. Don’t wait–register today! After that, read the requirements to enter in this thread!** What case are you using with […]

The Winner of my InvisibleShield Giveaway Is…

…none other than Ed Kennedy (please check your email)! Congratulations! Also, once again, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered my InvisibleShield Contest Giveaway! Thanks for continuing to read my blog everyone! And last but not least, thanks to Zagg for donating the InvisibleShield for this contest! If you enjoyed […]

InvisibleShield Tuesday: Contest Giveaway!

***Using an iPhone in Canada? Where? Take part in my nationwide poll–click here to vote!*** Are you sporting an InvisibleShield? If you aren’t, then you’re missing out on one of the best iPhone skins available. I reviewed the InvisibleShield just over a month ago and it’s been on my iPhone ever since. No problems so […]

Winners of My BestSkinsEver Contest Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Thanks to all those that entered my BestSkinsEver giveaway contest! So far, I have reviewed the InvisibleShield and the BestSkinsEver full body shields for the iPhone. I just received a package from BodyGuardz today in the mail, so expect that review to come soon! One more thing, ZAGG just sent me ANOTHER InvisibleShield […]

iPhoneTheSolution: StealthSIM Review/Contest!

This is the post that will matter to those still locked on a 1.1.2 iPhone. As I told you before, iPhoneTheSolution sent me a StealthSIM to review. And as I mentioned, after I post about the review I was going to give away the StealthSIM in a contest. That’s right baby, a free StealthSIM, worth […]

The Easiest Way To Transfer Ringtones to Your iPhone (Contest!)

Putting ringtones on your iPhone can be an easy task if you know how to do it. With 1.0.2, it was very easy using iBrickr to transfer ringtones to and from your iPhone. With 1.1.1, a bit more work was involved to get ringtones to your iPhone via SSH. With 1.1.2 it’s also fairly simple […]