The Apple App Store Economy, An Interesting Infographic

Last month, Apple announced that its customers have downloaded over 18 billion apps from the App Store since its launch and this number is growing by more than one billion downloads per month. For some sense of how much recent growth has ramped up, consider that the App Store took 2 years to reach its first 5 billion. This indicates that the continued sales of iOS devices, […]

Apple to Double Processing Power of Future iOS Devices?

Mark Gurman at 9to5mac is reporting the discovery of evidence suggesting quad-core chip inclusion in upcoming iPads and iPhones based on digging deep into the iOS 5.1 beta. The original iPad contained the A4 processor, clocking in at 1 GHz. With the iPad 2 came the ‘made in Texas’ A5 processor offering a dual core chip […]

Study Shows iPhone 4S Siri Data Usage Double that of the iPhone 4

As though quick and easy access to the information we seek wasn’t simple before, Siri has made processes such as writing text messages, scheduling appointments and reminders and checking the weather nearly effortless. That ease of use, as well as iCloud background app/music/book syncing, and larger resolution images has led to an increase in data consumption and manufacturers […]

iPhone 5 Will Launch This Fall, Says Analyst

According to a research note from senior analyst Tavis McCourt of Morgan Keegan, Apple’s next generation iPhone handset, aka the iPhone 5, is due to be launched this fall. The analyst also believes that the iPhone will comprise roughly 50% of Apple’s total revenue in the next financial quarter. With this, he is also increasing his iPhone shipment estimate for […]

Epic Games’ Infinity Blade Franchise Revenue Exceeds $30 Million

Epic Games Inc. and its award-winning development studio, ChAIR Entertainment, today announced that earnings from their iOS video game franchise Infinity Blade have surpassed $30 million in just one year since its introduction in December 2010. The iOS exclusive RPG series which consists of the original Infinity Blade and the recently released Infinity Blade II, is based on […]

Nikon D4, The World’s First DSLR Camera Optimized For iPhone Control

Nikon, the world’s leading manufacturer of prosumer cameras has introduced an all new ‘HTTP mode’ in its latest pro DSLR camera, the Nikon D4. With its inbuilt Ethernet port, it can easily be hooked to a network allowing remote controlling of the camera with an iPhone or iPad. The HTTP mode can also be accessed via an optional […]

Will Future Apple Power Adapters Remember Your Password?

Apple is known for combining simplicity with incredible innovation and in a recent patent filing, it seems that their latest attempt revolves around data security and password recovery for computers and smartphones. In the filing, spotted by New Scientist, Apple reports that: “If the password is not easily and conveniently recoverable, the consumer is likely […]

‘iPhone SJ’ Concept Designed Based on Next Generation Rumours

Technology moves extremely quickly. The iPhone 4S has only been around for a few months and we’re already a little bored of chatting with Siri. That might be because of the fact that Apple didn’t redesign their flagship product’s look, but only its guts. Don’t get us wrong; there are a lot of positive things […]

Foxconn Able to Retain Apple Contracts with Razor Thin Profit Margins [Chart]

Bloomberg posts an interesting chart that illustrates just how important an Apple manufacturing contract means to Foxconn, builder of the iPhone and iPad. Since the debut of the iPhone in 2007, Apple’s profit margins have doubled, whereas Foxconn margins have decreased, to its current razor thin 1.5%: “Hon Hai is willing to sacrifice margins so […]