Review: Lucky Gambling Days 2009

Have you ever wondered if today is your lucky day? Will you win the lottery, jackpot, or contest? Well today’s’ app, Lucky Gambling Days 2009, seeks to help you with those answers!

Lucky Gambling Days 2009 by Good Luck Gamblers LLC.

So how do you know if today is your lucky day? Lucky Gambling Days 2009 is fun application that gives you daily luck forecasts based on either Western or Chinese astrological data. If any of you out there enjoy reading about your astrology signs (Pisces, Orion, etc), then you will quickly pick up and enjoy what Lucky Gambling Days 2009 has to offer.

As noted by the app name, the forecasts are only for 2009 with likely updates coming in the future for 2010. To generate your daily forecast, you choose “Lucky Days” in the app, choose your birthday and then choose whether you want the forecast defined by Western or Chinese Astrology. My lucky number is 12, lucky color is Blue, and lucky day of the week is Thursday! The app also gives you a monthly breakdown of which days in the month are your lucky days, very lucky days, and super lucky days!

The app also includes a “Lucky Tips” area that gives you gambling tips if you are a casino-goer and also a fun game that checks your luck! To start the game, choose “Instant Luck Game”. The next screen will tell you how lucky you are today as per your Astrological calendar. If it says you are lucky, you can test it to see just how lucky you are by playing the game. So to check your luck, you are presented with a series of coins that will spin once around in a circle and then you pick one. Of the four coins, three will say “no” and one will say “yes”. If you get the “yes” one, I suggest going to a casino or buying the lottery!

While the app is not for everyone, it sure is fun to use. It is neat to see your plotted lucky days and just imagine if you actually win something amazing on one of your lucky days!

Today however may be YOUR lucky day! If you would like a copy of this app, simply post a meaningful comment below! A winner will be chosen at random by the end of today at 11:59PM.

You can pick up Lucky Gambling Days 2009 from the AppStore for $0.99!


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