Review: Play retro with Sticky Licky

Hey all!

Today I have game called Sticky Licky that steps back into the 80’s style of retro arcade gaming!

Sticky Licky by Vision Wise Inc

The goal is simple; get the highest possible score and then play again to beat it!

You have Sticky Licky (the  frog), bugs, and the badies!!! Using the iPhone, you tilt your device to the left or right, aim and when ready, tap Stick Licky to eat as many bugs as possible. The more bugs, the more points! However, be aware of  Stick Licky’s enemies for they are many! You need to watch out for bees that will sting you (and your tongue gets shortened and swollen!), moquitos that will take away your energy, and worse off, starvation!! (but it is pretty hard to starve, just eat the bugs all over the screen!). All of these things lower your health/energy and if you have no more health left, you lose one life (but you get three!).

As the game becomes more difficult, you also have the chance to eat special bugs that will give you extra powers to help you fight some of the above mentioned nasties and these special bugs also serve to give you extra points. Overall, the game is a blast and a great time killer. With some fantastic sounds and some very retro game music, Sticky Licky is so easy to pick up and get playing and it really reminds me of a mix of space invaders and frogger, which are by far my most favourite arcade style games.

You can pick up Sticky Licky in the iTunes AppStore for $1.99 but I also have a promo code for a lucky someone!

To score the promo code, just post below! Winners will be selected at random!


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