A&W Offering Free Coffee Every Day Through its Mobile App

A W free coffee

Do you like free things? Do you like coffee? If that’s the case, A&W is offering free coffee everyday through its iOS and Android app, until April 19, 2020.

“Smooth, rich and best of all – FREE. Try the new A&W coffee on us with the A&W app. One per day, per device until April 19, 2020,” explains the fast food chain.

The latest A&W ads are promoting a “new” coffee which according to a location we spoke with, is an “exclusive” blend from Van Houtte.

In order to get your free coffee from A&W, you’ll need to download the restaurant’s iOS or Android apps, which are capable of mobile orders. Once you’ve done that, setup an account, add a small, regular or large coffee to an order and you’ll see a discount applied at checkout.

In terms of drip coffee from fast food chains, McDonald’s still remains the best, while some online consensus shows A&W coffee is a slight step up from the dark liquid known as Tim Hortons coffee. (I rarely head to A&W, but when I do, it’s worth getting some of their underrated onion rings–am I right??)

Download links: A&W for iOS; A&W for Android