Costco Clearance: Apple’s HomePod is Now 25% Off at $299

Apple’s HomePod currently retails for $399 CAD in Canada, but you can get one for 25% off at your local Costco warehouse.

Costco appears to be clearing out Apple’s HomePod speaker for $299.97, saving you $100 off the retail price on Costco online is selling the white HomePod for $389.99.

According to RFD, a Costco warehouse in Toronto is showing the Space Grey HomePod for $299.97:

Apple homepod costco canada

Before you drive to your local Costco for this clearance price, call ahead and ask (Google is your friend) if item #1294524 is in stock or not.

Apple launched the HomePod in Canada last May for $449 and earlier this spring, dropped the price to $399.

If you’re about to drop $300 on a HomePod, you may want to wait for Amazon’s new Echo Studio, coming on November 7, priced at $259.99 CAD. It features five speakers, Dolby Atmos and Alexa also now supports Apple Music.