Get 6 Top Indie Games for Mac and PC–for Any Price You Want [Deals]

Do you love playing games on your Mac or PC? Well then you might be interested in the following Indie Gamer Bundle from our partners at Stack Social.

The following 6 games for Mac and PC are on sale for any price you want. That’s right–you get to name the price you want to pay for these games, and 10% of all proceeds will head to one of three charities of your choosing: Child’s Play Charity, World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons.

The following games are part of the Indie Gamer Bundle:

  1. The Journey Down, $7
  2. Aztaka, $10
  3. iBomber Defense, $5
  4. Blades of Time, $25
  5. SpaceChem, $10
  6. Cubemen, $5

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Games 4-6 are available if you decide to pay higher than the average price, which is currently at $4.14. All games work for Mac and PC and will be available for download via Steam or DRM-Free links, with lots of support from these hardworking developers.
The total value of these six games is normally at $62, but you can them for as little as $4.14 (the recommended price is $30). The top purchasers get to proudly put their name on the leaderboard to show off their contributions.

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