Google Nest Wifi 2-Pack on Sale for 27% Off at $254 After Coupon

Nest wifi

Google’s Nest Wifi 2-pack is currently on sale for $279.99 at Staples, but an extra coupon takes another $25 off, reducing the price to $254, saving you 27% off. The $25 off $250 coupon code 76397 is what you’ll need to enter at checkout.

The Nest Wifi is the company’s newest mesh Wi-Fi networking setup, and this router and point will offer coverage for up to 3,800 square feet and support up to 200 connected devices, while also stream multiple 4K videos simultaneously. The Nest WiFi point includes a speaker that is powered by Google Assistant.

You can read our Nest Wifi review here. The system can be combined with existing Google Wifi setups, although you need to delete and create a new system starting with the Nest WiFi first. There is no Wi-Fi 6 with this system but if you’re committed into the Google ecosystem, this is a natural fit.

You may be able to find a lower price during Black Friday, but this price after the coupon is one of the lowest we’ve seen for the Nest Wifi 2-pack.