Get Organized Today with a Moo.do Premium 1-Year Subscription for 59% Off [Deals]


If you want to get organized and you live your life within Gmail and Google Drive, you need Moo.do, as right now a one-year Premium subscription is 59% off at $19.99 USD (save $30 USD!) in our Deals Store.

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Moo.do allows you to integrate the services you use and bring forth powerful organization and customization features to make you more productive. The premium version brings your Gmail account offline, a cache that goes back 30 days.

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Moo.do was created by two former Microsoft engineers, whose combined work experience was directly on Surface, Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone and Internet Explorer. Here’s why they created Moo.do:

We created Moo.do because we were frustrated with the difficulty of using multiple unconnected services. We had to-do lists completely unrelated to our calendars. We were referencing emails, texts, and chats on multiple networks. We were spending a lot of time organizing our organization systems.


  • Calendar Pane: use day, week & month views to manage your calendar
  • Google Drive Pane: attach documents to your tasks by dragging a file from your computer into Moo.do (which then automatically uploads to Drive
  • Google Calendar Sync: manage your Google Calendar in Moo.do and/or sync your Moo.do events w/ your Google Calendar
  • Boards: save sets of panes to easily switch between workflows
  • Display Settings: use advanced display settings to customize Moo.do to your liking
  • Gmail Sync Time: cache emails for access while offline & quicker load time
  • Realtime collaboration: collaborate across teams
  • Multiple Boards: create multiple boards

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