SiriusXM Deal: $5/Month for 12 Months Plus Free Amazon Echo Dot

Siriusxm echo dot

SiriusXM satellite radio has a promo right now offering 12 months of the service for $5 per month, which includes a free Amazon Echo Dot speaker ($69.99 value).

The radio service normally costs $8 per month for those listening outside of automobiles and $16.99 per month for those listening both inside and outside of their cars. But for the most part, promo pricing around $5/month can usually be obtained for periods of 6-12 months.

To get this promo, head over to

With the included Echo Dot speaker, the value for SiriusXM increases. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can cancel after six months and the Echo Dot is yours to keep (if you cancel early, there’s a $70 cancellation fee). You can stream SiriusXM on Echo speakers and also on Sonos speakers, for example.

If you go the full 12 months, you get the satellite radio service and an included Amazon Echo Dot.

[via RFD]