Universal Smartphone Car Mount on Sale for 51% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]

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It’s illegal to use your cellphone while driving in most places and it’s also dangerous. Too many times people are staring down at their laps trying to not get caught by police while they’re texting or talking and driving.

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Leave your smartphone alone, by putting it in this universal smartphone car mount, on sale for 51% off for $14 with free shipping to Canada and beyond in our Deals Store.

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This mount attaches to your windshield via suction and will fit an iPhone, Android phone or even an iPod for your tunes. It works best for devices that are 5cm-8cm wide and it comes with a 90 day replacement warranty.

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  • Universal holder for a variety of cell phone types, including iPhone, iPod and Android phones.
  • Car mount is equipped with 360 degree rotation capabilities
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS

This mount also comes in handy when you need something to hold your iPhone while you have Google Maps or Apple Maps running as your GPS. Say goodbye to dangerous one-handed driving.
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