How to Add a Five Icon Dock to your iPhone

I’m sure everybody out there by now knows when you hold your finger down on an icon, the icons start to “wiggle”. During this time, you can freely re-arrange icons and delete apps (you can even delete Cydia apps this way too).

Along the dock of the iPhone, the default icons are Phone, Mail, Safari, and iPod. Depending on what you use most, this default setting just doesn’t cut it. For me, I use Maps and SMS more than I use my iPod.

How to Add a Five Icon Dock to your iPhone (read on if you don’t know about this already)

If I move the iPod icon, there only leaves room for ONE more addition. How can I add two more? Easy! Just install the Five Icon Dock tweak via Cydia.

This small 3rd party app will enable you to have five icons along the dock! I never did realize how handy it was to have five icons along the dock until I installed this tweak. No more hunting for icons while you’re driving!

Here is a screenshot of the app developed by Jay Freeman (the creator of Cydia) and a screenshot of my iPhone’s five icon dock:


What are some notable choices for your “fifth” icon along the dock? Some possibilities could include the following…

Skype for unlimited calling to Canada/USA for only $3/month (over 3G and WiFi)!

Tweetie or TwitterFon for all you Twitter addicts that like to tweet 24/7

-A shortcut to the iPhone’s camera

-Amazon’s Kindle iPhone app if you’re a book reader

-The Score’s ScoreMobile app for all you NHL playoff hockey pool whores

…and last but not least, a shortcut to’s iPhone optimized site (this one is my favorite)!