How to ‘Save All’ with the Preview App in macOS Sierra

Sometimes you just want to make quick edits to a batch of documents or photos in macOS Sierra, and that’s when the trusty Preview app comes into play.

For example, you can highlight a handful of images in Finder, then open them in Preview to quickly resize them. Prior to macOS Sierra, one could easily click on ‘Save All’ when exiting Preview after resizing images and all your edits would be saved. But now, the ‘Save All’ option is missing, forcing users to save image edits one at a time, which is sooooooo painful. Hold on folks–there’s still hope.

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What’s the fix to get ‘Save All’ back? All you have to do is make your batch edits, then hit on the keyboard:

cmd + option + q

This will save all your edits and exit Preview. You will no longer need to save each file one at a time. Hallelujah!