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How to Install a Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone 7 [VIDEO]

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The glowing Apple logo is now a thing of the past, as Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models no longer have the iconic symbol lit up.

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Users have always dreamed of Apple bringing the glowing logo to the iPhone, but that has only happened through custom mods. The latest mod detailed by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro shows just that, but for iPhone 7.

The channel travelled to a ‘specialist’ in Washington, DC, to install a glowing Apple logo on his Jet Black iPhone 7 (which took 2-3 hours to complete). While the video below shows the mod is not easy at all to perform (while also voiding your warranty), it does look pretty damn cool.

The install borrows four LEDs from a broken iPhone 6 LCD to power the glowing Apple logo. The entire process is not something you’ll want to try at home. I don’t recommend anyone doing this, as it’ll ruin those water-resistant seals and adhesives in your iPhone 7.

While I’m pretty sure everyone would want Apple to implement this feature in future iPhones, it most likely will never happen. R.I.P. to glowing Apple logos, folks.

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