iOS 9 Screenshots Hint at Bigger Size iPad Pro

A rumour that has been making waves for a while has apparently been confirmed by official sources: iOS 9. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered that the new iPad keyboard seems to scale to a much larger size, adding extra keys and an entirely new top row of symbols. Considering the rumours of the bigger-screen iPad, this makes perfect sense, and apparently confirms Apple’s plans for such device.



As you can see from the screenshots posted by the developer on Twitter, the larger-sized iPad keyboard has Tab and Caps Lock keys on the left and sports a new top row that includes numbers and symbols you previously accessed by pressing the “123” button on a regular iPad.

This new keyboard layout changes the number of pages Apple needs to display the set of virtual keys available. This time, Apple has eliminated the need for a third page of symbols, as the new layout changes everything, besides being bigger.

As we previously reported, Apple is allegedly working on a bigger, 12.3-inch to 12.9-inch iPad (Pro?) targeted at markets such as enterprise and or education. By the way, a bigger-screen iPad could make multitasking much more fluid, leaving enough space for both apps on a bigger display.