Apple’s iPad Air 2 Smart Case 50% Off at Costco for $49.97

Looking for an official Apple iPad Air 2 Smart Case? They’re selling from for $99, but if you head to your local Costco, you may be able to nab one on clearance for 50% off at $49.97.

This price was spotted at the Mississauga Dixie Costco location by a user on RFD.

570x760 smart fit

Before you drive to your local Costco, give them a call and see if stock is available at the warehouse. Just ask the customer service desk if item #903104 is available and if the price is $49.97.

Apple’s Smart Case, which is made of leather, protects the back of your iPad, along with the screen. The front cover also acts as a stand for your iPad, to prop it up or down on a table.

If you don’t want to spend even $49.97 for an iPad case, cheaper alternatives are available, such as this $15.99 smart case on, which has been battled-tested by our toddler.