16GB iPad mini 3 on Sale for $100 Off at Best Buy for $339.99

If you’re looking to pick up an iPad mini 3, Best Buy has launched a sale today for the entry 16GB Wi-Fi models, slashing the price down to $339.99, which is $100 cheaper than Apple’s price of $439 (and $85 off Best Buy’s regular price).

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The iPad mini 3 launched last October and basically only includes Touch ID over the iPad mini 2, which is priced at $319 at most retailers and $329 from Apple.

If you’ve been meaning to pick up an iPad mini, this may be the time to do it (or you could wait for a refurb to save a bit more). While 16GB of storage is pretty small, it’s more than ample if you’re using the tablet as a ‘coffee table’ device for light surfing, email and web browsing (aka watching cat videos YouTube).

The sale goes until May 28 and is available in-store and online. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!