Possible Fixes for iPad Pro Shutting Off While Charging

Did you pick up an iPad Pro over the weekend? Some users are dealing with a bug where the giant tablet shuts off while charging, and then requires a hard reset to turn back on.

According to threads over at the Apple Support Communities (via @KennethBokor) and MacRumors forums, many customers are suffering from this strange issue.

Here are some fixes that may work to address this shut off bug, after sifting through 11 pages of the Apple Support Communities thread:

  • Try a different Lightning cable to charge the iPad Pro
  • Enable AirPlane Mode before charging at night
  • Disconnect the Lightning Cable before turning on your iPad Pro in the morning
  • iOS 9.2 beta 3 appears to have fixed the issue for some users
  • Restore from a backup within iTunes or iCloud

Apple surely is aware of this issue, so stay tuned for a fix for this. Right now, there’s no solid evidence alluding to either a software or hardware issue. Let us know if you’re running into this shut down issue with your iPad Pro.

PS – Maybe you’re charging it wrong 😉