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Tim Cook ‘Surprises’ CNBC’s Jim Cramer with Anniversary Phone Call

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Apple CEO Tim Cook made a “surprise call” to Mad Money stock analyst Jim Cramer to celebrate his decade-long history on the air. During their conversation, the two complimented each other: Tim Cook praised Cramer’s work, while the analyst praised ResearchKit and quickly highlighted all the potential Apple is preparing to unleash through its latest products: the iPhones and the Apple Watch.

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Earlier this week, Apple unveiled its future plans, and health is apparently first on the list: Apple had already introduced HealthKit, but now with ResearchKit the company has taken a step forward. One of the key selling points of the Apple Watch, emphasized plenty of times by Tim Cook, is its health benefits.

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Cramer said ResearchKit is an absolute game-changer, and he may have the unscientific proof for that: more than 11,000 sign-ups in just two days — an impressive performance.

An inevitable topic of discussion was Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook spoke kindly about the former CEO: he said Jobs’ DNA is “deep in the company.”

The discussion ended with Tim Cook once again praising Cramer’s work, saying that he had gained a friend (nice words from Cook, considering Cramer’s controversial past with Apple stock trading), and wishing him a happy anniversary.

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