iOS Hackers Make “Tons of Progress” Towards Next Jailbreak

Just yesterday it was revealed iOS hacker @planetbeing had teamed up with numerous hackers such as @pod2g to find exploits for a public iOS 6 jailbreak release. As of tonight, it appears even more progress has been made towards an upcoming jailbreak. Planetbeing tweeted “tons of progress” was made over the past few days and also commented the future of jailbreaking was “looking bright”:

Further evidence of progress was revealed by another iOS jailbreak veteran, Nikias Bassen, aka @pimskeks. His response to @planetbeing was “we made some #awesomesauce lately,” hinting further progress towards the future release of a jailbreak.

Of course, it still could be a while before any jailbreak is released. If anything, it would come after the golden master version of iOS 6.1 is released, to prevent ‘spoiling’ their current exploits. Currently, the 4th beta of iOS 6.1 is set to expire  on Monday, January 28th, so expect another beta or GM to come soon.