Apple’s Computer Tech Support Ranked the Best by Consumer Reports

Apple provides by far the best computer tech support, Consumer Reports (via AppleInsider) has found after surveying more than 3,200 computer users. As it turns out, Apple’s tech support is “the most effective of any computer brand’s”, as with Windows PCs there is only a 50% chance of tech support helping you out.

apple tech support

Consumer Reports has been surveying computer users about tech support since 2007. Since then, Apple has topped the list every year. That’s despite Apple providing only 90 days of free phone and online tech support. By comparison, its competitors provide free support for a year.

The problem seems to be that tech support hasn’t been able to solve the issues customers have been facing. In fact, four out of six PC brands’ tech support have been able to solve only half of the problems they have been contacted for. The best of the PC brands surveyed by Consumer Reports – Lenovo and Dell – have managed to solve only 61% of the total issues customers brought to them.

On the other hand, the majority of Apple customers put down the phone happy, as their problem was solved: Four out of five said tech support was able to solve their problem.