Bluetooth Battery Drain Issue Fixed in macOS 12.3 beta

A battery drain issue in macOS 12.2 seems to have been fixed.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, testing of the new macOS Monterey beta seems to indicate that a battery drain bug present in previous versions may have been fixed this week.

With the release of macOS 12.2 Monterey, it shipped with a weird and annoying bug for users who own a MacBook: If you put the device to sleep overnight, it just wouldn’t properly.

A few users investigated in Terminal and found that Bluetooth accessories were frequently causing a “DarkWake from Deep Idle” that saw the Mac repeatedly waking from sleep and draining the battery, leaving users with an almost dead notebook.

However, a tweet from Mr. Macintosh said that his 2018 MacBook Pro, which was experiencing the issue on the first beta of macOS 12.3, is no longer showing the same issue after installing the second beta.

macOS 12.3 will likely be publicly released around March or April, providing a fix for all affected users. In the meantime, users can disable Bluetooth on their Mac or disconnect all Bluetooth accessories overnight to prevent battery drain.

Others were using third-party app FluTooth to fix the macOS 12.2 Bluetooth battery drain issue, but now it seems that won’t be necessary anymore.