Download Apple’s Custom Font Celebrating 30 Years Of Mac

font apple

As Apple celebrates the Mac’s 30th Anniversary, it has left ‘an easter egg’ on its 30 years of Mac tribute website i.e a custom font that depicts each Mac model from the past three decades of its history as a maker of personal computers, TechCrunch reports (via Seth Weintraub). Hacker and iOS developer Greg Barbosa discovered the icon set, and tweeted a link so that others could find and download it

“The font uses special private characters so once installed, you won’t be able to just type to use it as you would a normal font, but you can copy and paste the different models from the OS X Font Book application and paste them into other applications.”

The font is basically a beautifully designed collection of Macs throughout the years reduced to simple, elegant line drawings. There’s no telling how long it’ll remain available for download, so if you’re interested in having the collection for private use, better grab it now.