First Mac Studio and Studio Display Reviews and Unboxing Videos [Roundup]

After sharing the first iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air 5 reviews, Apple has released the first media reviews for its new Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip and its new Studio Display. Here’s a roundup of reviews of both new products, set to launch officially on Friday.

Mac Studio Reviews

  • Six Colors – Mac Studio review: Something new
  • CNBC – Apple’s new Mac Studio and Studio Display are great if you have $3,600, but most people should get a Mac Mini
  • The Verge – This computer is a historic achievement
  • Engadget – Mac Studio review: Apple’s Big Mac mini
  • Techradar – Apple Mac Studio review
  • Macworld – Mac Studio and Studio Display: Apple’s newest devices from every angle
  • Macworld – Mac Studio (M1 Max) review: Apple flexes its mighty muscles
  • Wired – Review: Apple Mac Studio and Studio Display
  • Tom’s Guide – Apple Mac Studio review: This is fast
  • PetaPixel – Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra Review: Insane Power for the Price
  • DP Review – Apple Mac Studio review: The Apple desktop we’ve been waiting for

Studio Display Reviews

  • The Verge – A 5K iMac’s panel, six speakers, three mics, and one terrible camera
  • Ars Technica – Studio Display review: An Apple monitor where “5K” doesn’t describe the price
  • WSJ – Apple’s $1,599 Studio Display vs. Other Monitors: You Won’t Get What You Pay For
  • Macworld – Studio Display review: The Apple monitor for everyone else (who can afford it)
  • Independent – Apple studio display review: Six speakers and a sharp camera make this everything we’ve been waiting for
  • Techradar – Apple Studio Display review
  • Tom’s Guide – Apple Studio Display review: The best monitor for your Mac
  • Popular Science – Apple Studio Display review: You’re paying for 5K
  • CNN – Apple’s Studio Display is the ultimate home office monitor — if you can pay $1,599
  • DP Review – Apple Studio Display review: An excellent monitor at a steep price

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