IBM Announces New Cloud-Based Service to Integrate Macs into Enterprise

Responding to growing demand for Mac computers in the enterprise market, IBM today announced a new service specifically designed to easily, quickly, and securely incorporate Macs within an enterprise IT infrastructure.

macbook pro.png

The new program uses cloud-based IT services that IBM have been using to deploy its own Mac hardware. Since Mac shipments have outpaced the overall PC market every year in the past decade, IBM has noticed a growing interest in incorporating Macs into enterprise.

Using IBM’s new cloud-based IT service, customers can order their Macs and have them delivered directly to their employees without the need for additional setup, imaging, or configuration so that employees can quickly gain network access and start being productive right after unboxing the machine. The same goes for Macs authorised in a bring-your-own-device environment.

“Ease of adoption and use are at the foundation of every Apple product, and as these devices are used more in the workplace, people expect the same experience they enjoy with Apple technology in their personal lives,” said Richard Patterson, general manager, Infrastructure Services, IBM Global Technology Services. “IBM’s new enterprise services ensure a great user experience for clients using Macs, providing world-class support from installation through the life of the product.”

As the IBM press release points out, the new service features the Casper Suite from JAMF Software, so enterprise clients can work directly with IBM to buy, integrate, and manage Mac computers and iOS devices across their IT infrastructure. The new service expands IBM’s mobile enterprise services introduced last year.