Microsoft Office for Mac Beta Highlights Coming Support for Apple Silicon

A new beta of Office for Macs highlights Microsoft’s support for upcoming Apple Silicon devices.

If new proof was needed that the first Macs equipped with ARM chips were not going to be long, here it is: Microsoft has distributed to testers a beta version (numbered 20110105) of Office 16.43 which refers to Apple Silicon devices. In this case, the build introduces a new feature in Excel that allows the spreadsheet to support SQL Server logins on these future computers, explains a new report from Computer World.

“The built-in SQL Server ODBC data connection provider will now support the new Apple Silicon devices as well as the TLS v1.2 communication protocol,” explains Microsoft. “This feature provides support for SQL Server ODBC data connections to work properly on new devices that have Apple Silicon processors, as well as support for SQL Servers that require secure connections via the TLS v1.2 protocol.”

The feature allows users to access data from SQL server databases using baked-in ODBC drivers. And since the feature is still in beta, it’s likely still a ways off before arriving on Apple Silicon Macs.

One thing that’s still unknown is whether Microsoft has plans to make it possible to support its Windows operating system on Apple Silicon devices, as the company has been silent on the matter.

Apple is expected to announce a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and a 13-inch MacBook Air all outfitted with Apple Silicon processors at its upcoming “One More Thing” event.