2019 BMW Canada Owners to Pay for Apple CarPlay with Subscription Service

Apple carplay preparation canada bmw

2019 model year BMW models will be charged to use Apple’s CarPlay in a new subscription model, whereas most other car manufacturers offer the service for free.

Here’s how BMW explains Apple CarPlay Preparation on its BMW ConnectedDrive website:

Do you have an iPhone and want to connect it to your BMW when you are on the move so that you can conveniently use your favourite functions? Apple CarPlay Preparation is the perfect interface for this and is specially tailored to the operating system and user interface of your iPhone.

In Canada, BMW is listing Apple CarPlay at the following prices:

  • 12 months (1 year): $100 CAD
  • 240 months (20 years): $400 CAD

Apple carplay 2019 bmw

The price for one year is $100, but for 20 years, it’s $400 (or $20 per year in the lifetime option), which is what BMW appears to be pushing customers towards, if they plan to own their car beyond four years.

In the U.S., BMW charges $80 USD for one year and $300 USD for the 240 month ‘lifetime’ subscription. News of this new subscription model was first announced by BMW back at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show and now it appears to apply for 2019 models in the USA and Canada.

When you configure a BMW in Canada, under options, Apple CarPlay is listed as $0. But the BMW ConnectedDrive website explains the new subscription pricing. BMW says “available subscription periods can differ depending on the vehicle model.”

The German automaker is known for having its customers pay extra for various add-ons and features. If you’re looking to use Apple CarPlay with a 2019 BMW, it’s going to cost you annually unless you opt for the lifetime option.

Apple offers CarPlay to automakers for free to implement into vehicles. Should Apple make it a requirement for car manufacturers to offer CarPlay for free, or leave it up to companies to decide?

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