Apple Rumoured to Be Releasing 8 GB iPhone 5C Tomorrow

Iphone 5c

Apple may release a cheaper, 8 GB version of the iPhone 5C tomorrow, March 17, according to a (questionable) note to retailers from Vodafone’s Germany-based O2 unit obtained by Caschys Blog (via AppleInsider).

Alleged email obtained by Caschys Blog

Although there is no other evidence of an 8 GB iPhone 5c yet, it will be about €60 cheaper than the currently available 16 GB model listed at €569.

What’s interesting, though, is that Apple already has a “cheaper” version of the iPhone 4S currently listed at €399 (8 GB model) in Apple’s official German online store, although we are talking about technology that is more than two years old

The launch of a cheaper iPhone 5c could mean another boost for the device as it is said to be available in more colours. The question that remains, though, is: how will this affect the sales of the 8 GB iPhone 4, used to target emerging markets.

Fact is, sales of the iPhone 5c have been lower than projected, despite analysts claiming that Apple is using a long-term strategy with the plastic device. An 8 GB model would allow the company to boost sales by lowering the price so that it fits the budget of future iPhone owners.