Ahead of its Official Launch, One User Has Already Received Their Apple Watch Ultra Order

Shipments for Apple’s high-end Apple Watch Ultra are due to start arriving on September 23rd, its official launch day. However, one lucky user has already received their pre-order.

A week after Apple launched it’s Apple Watch Series 8 and new Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Ultra is due to start arriving for those who pre-ordered. However, as spotted by 9to5Mac, one user on Reddit shared photos and a brief explanation of how he received his order on September 21st, two days early.

Typically, Apple is very strategic in working with its partners on order fulfillment. While not unheard of, it’s uncommon that a pre-order is shipped ahead of an official launch day. However, u/playalisticadillac apparently pre-ordered their Apple Watch Ultra with the Orange Alpine Loop watchband through AT&T in the U.S. Through some sort of luck, AT&T seems to have accidentally begun shipping Apple Watch Ultra early.

The photos posted by u/playalisticadillac don’t reveal any great details we haven’t seen thus far. The box the Apple Watch Ultra is packed in is considerably bigger than other Apple Watch models. It also appears as though a printed guide for setup and tips is included in the box as well as a stylish cover. Additionally, below that ‘Designed by Apple in California’ slogan, Apple includes “37°20’05.6 “N 122°00’32.3″W,” the exact coordinates of Apple Park.

Throughout the comments, the user took some time to answer questions. When asked about the Alpine Loop band, u/playalisticadillac says, “I like it a lot. It definitely has flex and is comfortable and light.” However, when discussing how difficult it is to attach the band, it’s noted that “It’s not terrible but yeah you gotta unhook it which is a little tough, then make it looser which is also tough with the ridges.”

It won’t be long now until orders for the Apple Watch Ultra start to be fulfilled on time by Apple and its various partners.