The AirBuddy App Brings Much-Needed iOS-Like AirPods Integration to the Mac

A new solution has arrived that makes it much easier to connect one’s AirPods to their Mac.

Apple’s AirPods are, without a doubt, some of the most easy-to-use and seamless wireless earbuds on the planet — for iPhone owners. The AirPods’ W1 chip allows users to almost instantly establish a Bluetooth connection and communicate with their iOS device with ease.

For Mac owners, however, it’s a much more cumbersome process. Users frequently must deal with the Bluetooth menu, as many times the Bluetooth itself must be turned off and on again to establish a link to one’s AirPods.

To make this process easier, well-known developer Guilherme Rambo has just released an app that aspires to port the breathtaking AirPods paring experience that can be had on iOS devices to the Mac.

Called AirBuddy, the app is an easy-to-use and elegant solution for the aforementioned problem, not to mention familiar. For example, opening the AirPod case next to a Mac will pop up the familiar floating AirPods icon, letting you know what’s left of your battery (or how much time you’ve got left to charge).

There’s also a battery widget for the macOS Notification Center that shows the same battery information. The same widget will also show iOS device charging status, too.

The interface is slightly different from the one you’d see on your iPhone or iPad as it features a convenient “simple click and you’re connected and playing your Mac’s audio to AirPods,” writes the developer. This makes connecting to your AirPods much easier, as you no longer need to navigate the Bluetooth settings in the Mac’s Menu Bar to do so.

It’s not just for AirPods, mind. AirBuddy will work with any Apple W1-based headphones, which means select Beats models should show up just fine, too. It’s also thoughtful in how it handles audio input settings, too, not automatically switching away from your Mac’s microphone – or an external mic – even if the audio is routed through your AirPods.

AirBuddy is a paid app that can be had from the developer’s website for $5.00 USD or more, depending on how generous you’re feeling.