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AirPower Mentioned in iPhone XS Manuals, Suggests Charger is Still Alive

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After Apple’s special iPhone event, the company wiped any mention of its delayed AirPower charging mat, which is designed to charge up to three of the company’s devices.

Earlier this week, it was reported that AirPower “really is well and truly f*cked,” in the words of unarmed sources speaking to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. The reason for the wireless charging mat’s reported demise is reportedly related to the device’s charging coils generating too much heat. When a device gets too hot, that means it’s a fire or electrocution risk for consumers, and definitely not the type of news you want if something were to go wrong.

Now, as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max units have started to get into the hands of the first Apple customers, the device’s included quick start guide has mention of AirPower.

Developer Gavin Stephens and Australian-American Scott Obara shared on Twitter images of the AirPower reference from iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max manuals, leading many to speculate the product is still alive and kicking.

Airpower manual

Airpower manual 2

The AirPower reference is under the Charging section, where it reads:

“Place iPhone with screen facing up on AirPower or a Qi-certified wireless charger.”

Even if there’s mention of AirPower within iPhone XS manuals, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product is still alive, since iPhone manuals and production are usually prepped months in advance. But for those hoping AirPower is still alive (which it could be), these images are a glimmer of hope.

Are you still interested in Apple’s AirPower? What do you think about this reference to AirPower?

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