Alleged 4.9-inch Screen Update for Next-Generation iPhone 5c and iPhone 6

iphone 6 concept.jpg

Just two months after the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c, here is another whisper from CtechCN’s sources for those awaiting a bigger-screen iPhone: Apple has started testing a next-generation handset with a 4.9-inch display. The iPhone 6 (or whatever its name will be) will come alongside an updated iPhone 5c, which will also sport a bigger screen.

The news comes after sporadic whispers of a bigger-screen iPhone. The Wall Street Journal was the first American news outlet reporting that Apple had asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than 4 inches. Now, a couple of months later, a follow-up to the report specifies the screen size: according to their sources, Apple plans to offer iPhones with screens between 4.8-inches and 6 inches.

Since then, other sources have reported that the company is indeed testing bigger-screen iPhones, with the latest claiming that the iPhone 6 will sport a 5-inch screen and an insane 440 ppi display.

Analysts obviously couldn’t resist, and started speculating about the possible price of the iPhone 6. We can only hope they’re more accurate than they were with their price estimates for the “low-cost” iPhone.