Amazon’s Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Routers Launch Apple HomeKit Support

Eero amazon homekit

Amazon has announced its eero mesh Wi-Fi routers are rolling out support for Apple’s HomeKit, with the latter first announced for these routers during WWDC 2019. Eero is the first wireless router to support Apple HomeKit.

Eero explains in a blog post today, “We are excited to launch support for Apple HomeKit, adding to eero’s smart home support with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup. You can now add your eero devices to the Apple Home app and bring even more protection to your HomeKit accessories.”

Apple HomeKit support means you can further protect your HomeKit accessories and control what they are allowed to communicate in your home and the web. Essentially, you can fire your HomeKit devices to protect your home and limit unrestricted access to the internet. Typically, if one smart device is compromised, it could possibly access other devices on your home network.

“We believe customers should have not only fast, reliable wifi, but a system they can trust that is secure and private,” said Nick Weaver, eero CEO and Co-Founder. “We are continuing to deliver on that promise today with support for HomeKit. We’re committed to an open, secure, and private smart home and firmly believe customers should be able to use the smart home products they enjoy most, whether they work with Alexa, Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup, Apple HomeKit or all of the above.”

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There are now three security levels you can choose from with Apple HomeKit support on your eero Wi-Fi router, with selection available from the Home app on iPhone or iPad:

  • Automatic: allows an accessory to communicate to the devices and services approved by its manufacturer, preventing access by unauthorized services.
  • Restrict to Home: allows an accessory to communicate only to HomeKit on your Apple devices. You will be able to manage your accessories through the Home app, but this may reduce some functionality, such as firmware updates.
  • No restriction: allows an accessory to communicate with every device in your home, and any website or service on the internet, much like other devices on your home network.

To update your eero Wi-Fi router with HomeKit, launch the eero iOS app and go to the Discover tab and follow the instructions. This will let you add your eero devices to the Home app and configure security settings of your HomeKit-enabled accessories.

Eero homekit 2

Eero says Apple HomeKit is supported “on all eero, eero Pro, and eero Beacon devices running eeroOS 3.18.0 or later, and can be set up using the eero iOS app 3.1.0 or later.”

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