Amazon Kids Now Available on Fire TV Devices in Canada

Amazon announced its Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ services will be making their way to select Fire TV devices in Canada.

The Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ services bundle “thousands of kid-friendly TV shows and films” into a neat little package, which will now be available on TV screens across Canada.

Amazon says the all-new Fire TV experience will make it easier for parents to set up new Kids Profiles for their children, or use existing Kids Profiles with Amazon Kids. Parents can also add purchased content like movies and TV shows, and apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Noggin to Kids Profiles for their children.

Canadians who have an Amazon Prime subscription can also add kid-friendly content from Amazon Prime Video to their child’s Amazon Kids profile.

Both services come with easy-to-use parental controls like adjustable time limits, age filters, and weekday/weekend settings. Parents can also lock age-restricted content behind a PIN code, and view daily activity reports of the content their kids access through either service on the Parent Dashboard.

Amazon Kids is available as a free service to all parents. Amazon Kids+, on the other hand, is a premium subscription that starts at $3.99/month for Amazon Prime members, and $5.99/month for non-members.

Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ are available on all Fire TV sticks in Canada, as well as select Fire TV-enabled smart TVs.

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