Amazon Prime Deliveries in Canada Seeing Up to 1 Month Delays Due to COVID-19

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has surged, resulting in longer than normal wait times for delivery. Amazon customers in Canada spoiled by Prime are now seeing delivery times up to 1 month away, and in some cases even longer.

In our neck of the woods for example, popular items on are seeing delays of beyond a month. Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is eligible for Prime—but it won’t arrive until Sunday, May 3.

Product listings affected by the surge in online orders state:

Extended delivery time: We’re temporarily prioritizing the delivery of some items in order to serve our customers in need and ensure the safety of our associates. As a result, some delivery times are longer than usual.

On Amazon Canada’s FAQ page, the company explains, “We are working with our selling partners to temporarily prioritize household staples, medical supplies and other high demand products coming into our fulfillment centres so we can more quickly receive, restock and ship these products to customers. Our teams are working around the clock to ensure availability of these products, and continue to bring on additional capacity to deliver customer orders. We are continuing to ship all available selection in our inventory.”

Interestingly enough, Amazon’s own Fire Stick media player, which is Prime eligible, is showing a delivery date of Friday, April 3. Amazon’s own Fire tablets, Kindle Paperwhite and other devices are also showing Prime delivery by Friday, and not the usual one month or longer delay.

“As COVID-19 has spread, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. To serve our customers while also helping to ensure the safety of our associates, we have changed our logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and third-party seller processes to prioritize stocking and delivering items that are a higher priority for our customers,” explains Amazon Canada.

Are you seeing your Prime deliveries being delayed? Talk about #firstworldproblems.