Amazon TVs Coming to Canada from $469: Omni TV and 4-Series

Amazon announced today its own line up of 4K televisions, the Fire TV Omni Series and 4-Series, which will be available in Canada starting from $469.99. They will also be sold at Best Buy Canada.

“We’ve reimagined what a TV can do by building it with two of our most popular experiences at the core—the intelligent always-available power of far-field Alexa, and Fire TV’s content-forward approach to entertainment,” said Daniel Rausch, Vice President, Amazon Entertainment Devices and Services, in an issued statement to iPhone in Canada. “Our new Fire TV Omni Series smart TVs, with hands-free access to Alexa, make controlling your TV faster, simpler, and more natural.”

Fire TV Omni Series

Amazon fire tv omni 4k

The Fire TV Omni Series is the more premium line of televisions, available in sizes: 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, and 75”, geared towards home theatre. The LED display supports 4K Ultra High Definition and HDR 10, HLG.

  • Dolby Vision is supported only on the larger 65” and 75” models.
  • Alexa features include press and ask Alexa on the remote, hands-free Alexa and also two-way video calling.
  • The Fire TV Omni Series includes three HDMI 2.0 and one HDMI eARC 2.1 ports.
  • Audio support: Dolby Digital Plus with passthrough of Dolby-encoded audio

Pricing for the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series:

You can click here to pre-order the Fire TV Omni Series today and it launches October 27, 2021.

Fire TV 4-Series 

Amazon fire tv 4 series

The Fire TV 4-Series is geared towards everyday entertainment, available in sizes 43”, 50” and 55”. These also get LED displays and 4K Ultra High Definition and HDR 10 and HLG. But Dolby Vision is not available.

You do get press and ask Alexa with the TV remote, but no hands-free Alexa or two-way video calling. Audio support and the HDMI ports are the same as the Omni TV series.

Pricing for the Fire TV 4-Series in Canada

You can click here to pre-order the Fire TV 4-Series today and it launches on October 27, 2021.

These Amazon Fire TV televisions will have apps such as Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, Prime Video, Crave, CTV and more, as standard as part of the Fire TV software suite.