Upcoming App Store Changes Will Allow for Free Trials of Apps

Earlier this week, Apple dropped huge news ahead of WWDC, noting major changes are coming to the App Store, which involves better App Store discovery, new search ads, plus an expanded subscription model with a change in revenue share with developers.

App store

In Macworld’s FAQ write up of upcoming App Store subscriptions, Apple told reporter Glenn Fleishman free trials will be coming soon, “sort of”:

Does this change allow apps to offer a free trial?

Sort of. Apple lets developers optionally offer a free trial for in-app purchase subscriptions, which range from 7 days for a one-month recurring subscription to one month for a one-year term. If an app requires a subscription to use at all, then a free trial of the subscription effectively translates to a free trial of the app. An app that has some features and sells the rest with subscription can also offer a free trial just of those added options.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber was also able to confirm with Apple “free trials are definitely an option for any app that is approved for subscription pricing.”

What do you favour? The App Store’s existing model for subscriptions, or having the option of paying for a subscription from any developer?